2020 Lessons from Covid 19


Most people are still suffering from the effects of COVID 19. What many thought would be short-lived like the flu has developed into life changes that have become somewhat of the new normal. With 10 months in, many have learned to swim instead of sink, by converting their weaknesses into strengths. Well, we can say this pandemic brought with it uncertainties that were out of control for many people, however, there are a group of people who decided that they would not sit back and suffer. No way!

If we look closely, you realize the pandemic has brought more opportunities than the natural eyes can see, untapped resources, markets, and audiences that you can tap into at your advantage. This was the backdrop for the
collaboration book project that JWG Publishing House made possible for 26 fighters, many of them, new authors who’ve never written before. Publisher in Chief, Dr. Joan Wright-Good a Storyteller herself knows the importance of storytelling for posterity. “History is the present
written for the future. This is HISTORY!

God's Grace


If you are wondering if God gives second chances, this book will prove a resounding yes! God is the God of many chances. For eight years and still counting, I have lived in chronic pain. In the last five years alone, I have had five neck surgeries, one per year. This book will detail how I went from living life on high to annual hospital beds and surgeries. It was as if God placed me on my knees permanently at His feet. I am however, forever grateful because as I look over my life, I realize that if it had not been for the Lord on my side, I would be dead, for real. The accident that should have killed me showed me that though weapons will form against us, NONE will prosper. I hope that as you read, you will also realize that His grace walks with you and his mercy is with you always. You will be encouraged to have faith, even if it is tiny faith because faith as small as a mustard seed is attractive to God. He can do wonders with that! Finally, you will be inspired to persevere, knowing that “tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope” (Romans 5:3-4).


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