Let’s talk about pain, have you been asked “Do u think the pain is all in your head”? What do you think? Did it affect your relationships? Your everyday life? I will now be available to coach you through. Let me re-introduce myself… I am Grace-Ann Long, best selling author and serial entrepreneur.
After 5 neck surgeries, living in chronic pain I believe I am equipped to help you walk along this journey. So many emotions, so many options around you yet you are the one going through it, both physically and emotionally.
This is a judgment-free zone. Your scars can remind you of the pain or the Grace to go through it. Do I still have chronic pain? Yes, am I still being treated? Yes. But now I handle pain so much differently since I have been living with it for years.
Schedule a session with me today, Let me help you, Let me go on this journey with you, help you cope.


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