Grace-Ann Long,despite having had five neck surgeries and living in chronic pain has managed to displayed what it truly means to be living in God’s grace, becoming a best selling author and serial entrepreneur.
Grace- Ann Long was born November 26, 1983 in the island of Jamaican. She attended Bridgeport Primary school and later continued her education at Meadowbrook high school before migrating to New York at the age of thirteen. Grace-Ann Long attend Lawrence Road Middle school then graduate and went to Uniondale High school where she graduated with a track scholarship for Barton Community College. She then attended kaplan University where she got her bachelors degree then went on finishing up her masters in business and entrepreneur. She realize that she had a passion for style, beauty, and make-up. Being from the Caribbean she has a love for all things vibrant and during her many years of working in an around the beauty business, she saw the need for a makeup line that truly represented her and her peers; an affordable range of products that’s well suited for women of color. She was determined to create a line that inspired women to feel great about themselves and express their inner beauty.

ShadesbyGaL was created March 22, 2012 in her home state of New York. Suddenly her life change with an accident which then birthed best seller GODSGRACE. If you are wondering if God gives second chances, this book will prove a resounding yes! God is the God of many chances. For eight years and still counting, Grace-Ann have lived in chronic pain. She had five neck surgeries, one per year within five years. Her books will detail how She went from living life on high to annual hospital beds and surgeries. Some may say It was God who placed her on her knees permanently at His feet. She is however, forever grateful because as She looked over her life, She realized that if it had not been for the Lord on my side, She would be dead. Now she wants to inspire people to keep going, knowing they too can beat the odds.


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